One size fits all 4 layer cotton face mask.

Available in white and black

Straps are non-slip 5/8" elastic (the same elastic used to make hair-ties), one wrapping around the head is 14", one wrapping around the neck is 10". I have found these are WAY more comfortable than the ones that lay behind the ears.

They are the size of medical masks (7.25"x3.25"), and I recommend layering it with a medical grade mask, as these are not medical grade.

2 layers of 100% cotton, 2 layers of fusible interfacing. Machine washable.


Made by hand, free shipping, shipped out within 3 days of purchase. 


Thanks for supporting a small business during this time. Stay safe. Love you.


2 for 1: For every mask bought, I will make and donate 2 masks to people in need who cant afford them, or to local hospitals. 


Accordion face mask


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