may you never feel uncozy

This sweatsuit could possibly be my most favorite thing I've ever made in my entire life. 

It’s so soft, organic cotton just hits different, ya know? This one is fleece but they are currently available in multiple fabrics. I am also offering the top to be made as a crop or regular length and either a mock turtle neck or a hoodie.


The pants are perfect, the ankle ribbing is soft (also organic cotton) and just the right length, the waist is thick elastic so it won’t give you a muffin top and the booty is cute and not weirdly long like most sweat pants, the pockets are deep deep and actually hold things.

It’s inexpensive, its organic, it’s made by hand, it’s going to be your favorite fit (I promise), and you’re supporting a local artist instead of a millionaire or a fast fashion brand.



Ya feel?? Love you ok bye




models: Devon & Taye      

photo: Shawn Monga


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