c o z y  i n  c o l o r

May 8th 2020

Someone recently asked me what inspired this collection and I found myself coming up with some bullshit answer because I didn't want to dig deep and be vulnerable. Then I realized, I do want to explain it, I want to be vulnerable, that's what art is all about right?  

Well, at least that's what it is to me. 

I have a hard time channeling emotions , sometimes I'm moving so fast I forget to live in the moment and truly feel.

I have a little notebook where I write down random things that usually only make sense to me. I capture a memory,  a place, a feeling. Sometimes it's just a song or a color or a time.

7:48pm: I was driving home from my studio, overwhelmed, and exhausted. I realized I hadn't stopped moving all day, I hadn't looked up from my phone or my sewing machine for hours.I looked at the sky, and took a deep breath. It  was a deep almost royal blue, with hazy Seattle  clouds, it looked exactly like the blue in my collection, so I  named it 7:48pm. 

This color is a constant reminder to stop and look up.

This is the only one I will share for now, but each color in this collection means something to me, and brings me back to a memory, a time, a place, big or small. It is so important to realize feelings and emotions and to document them.

I hope when you wear these pieces, they will be  constant reminders  to capture moments and feels, take a deep breath and slow down for a second. Be vulnerable, breathe, and be cozy.

c o z y  i n  c o l o r     pt 2

June 8th 2020

The colors in my current Cozy In Color collection (Moonlit Fog, 7:48pm, Cheek, and Purple Yam) are extremely important to me. They take me back to a specific time and place, a certain memory or feeling. For my first launch of this collection I shared what the color "7:48pm" meant to me. Now, I want to share what the color "Moonlit Fog" means to me. 

With this Cozy In Color pt 2 collection, I am offering 12 different solid colors, and rainbow tie-dye. I want you to have this collection in a color that is important to you, a color that brings you back to a specific memory, a specific feeling.

Wear something meaningful AND cozy.

Models: @averyrosegar @iameleyy @jessicamaganda_ @carleeecakes @lex__nikol @sinsbyken @shesangelickurstin 


Photographers: @durkeeethan @kanecolours @lex__nikol 

Shout out to my beautiful friends, thank you so much for bringing this collection to life. I love you! 

© 2020 by dan mclean